Zuza Bukowski

Zuza is Coach, IT Consultant, Researcher, Dancer, Teacher and Artist and most of all, is a woman of integrity, purpose and passion. She ignites the world around her with her zest for life, authentic expression and bringing out the best in us.

She comes from a world of movement and expression, which she merges into her corporate work through her consultancy work, unique workshops and coaching sessions that offer a human-based approach in a world increasingly dominated by technology, systems and deadlines. As a veteran in the IT consultancy world, she has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges for both employees and management and translates this knowledge into her powerful work with movement and authentic relating.

Embodied coaching

Zuza’s unique background enables her to take a practical approach to solving corporate challenges with effective and enjoyable exercises and programs.

Understanding the complex dynamics in corporate settings, she acts as facilitator (for change), mediator (conflict resolution), and coach (self-improvement and collaboration), while always keeping in mind to nurture the inner child in all of us (deconstructing societal conditioning and bringing joy into the work place).

Helping people move forward

and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want.

Somatic Movement and Contact Improvisation have changed Zuzana’s life profoundly; physically, mentally and emotionally. The combination of Movement and Cognitive work successfully transform stress, fear, anxiety, dis-ease into a more fulfilled, healthy and balanced way of Life, which translates into happier employees (healthy, loyal, passionate), higher creativity and productivity (competitive advantage and profit).

Years of in-depth research and hands-on experience accumulate to what she is now offering in her coaching and trainings.

Contact Improvisation


Embodied coaching