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The development of mind comes through the movement.

Inspiration and opening to your creativity through movement energy. What is important for me, is to feel myself in connection with others through movement interaction and singing.

I am transmitting this energy in my workshops and classes of contact improvisation, yoga, and singing in groups.

Contact Improvisation

Sharing weight for the common flow.

Yoga & Singing

Finding balance and strength through yoga and raising the energies through singing.

Embodied coaching

Individual and group coaching; Through the body to the mind.

A movement Coach for dance, embodiment & personal development.

What is a limit? How can I take care to set a boundry? How to give 100% and still keep energy for one self?

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Involved with various projects. Following are main.

  • Thailand Contact Festival
  • Koa Art Collective
  • Art continuum
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Dancers┬ádon’t need wings to fly

Quote Steve Paxton.